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Ludmila Vitkovska

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Liudmyla VitkovskaLiudmyla Vitkovska belongs to such a rare type of true-born painters who come to popular art with no special training under belt and painting study. From the outset such painters intuitively find their own, rather original style and range of themes for painting.The paintress was born in 1950 in Chernihiv region. Liudmyla Vitkovska graduated Kherson cultural and educational school by profession of librarian. She made her first paintings in the beginning of 1970s; personal tragedy in Vitkovskyi family (child death) became a momentum for art works. Her talent was revealed by a fine art expert O.Pryshchepa and culture observer L.Mestechkin who in his days returned Maria Prymachenko to the Soviet audience, as she was forgotten and abandoned in the remote village of Kyiv region in post-war years. Liudmyla Vitkovska was entrusted with a responsible mission: she had to revive the tradition of decorative painting in the South of Ukraine where Liudmyla Vitkovska headed the studio and educated many generations of talented youth working today in the field of popular painting. Her style made a difficult way of evolution and changed in different periods. The paintress uses watercolor, gouache and acryl, paints on cardboard, paper and sometimes canvas. Except classic themes – variations on such themes as the Tree of Life, couples of birds, birds with their nestlings and others painted in symbolic and allegoristic sense, works of Liudmyla Vitkovska also have genre and illustrative series of literature origin. Plane semi-abstract gouache paintings with voluntary or fragmentary composition, picturesque still-life paintings with impressionistic figurative concept are represented along with refined miniature lacquer paintings. Regardless the character of stylization, all works painted by Liudmyla Vitkovska combine artistic image, refined coloration, decorative effect, high degree of detailing and perfection of image.

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